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Didactum - Our Business is Remote Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure

Didactum Ltd. with it`s headquarter in City of Muenster / Germany, is a manufacturer of networked remote monitoring solutions. All our monitoring solutions are engineered in Germany and manufactured within the EU.

Our networked infrastructure monitoring solutions are used wherever downtime is not tolerable. By using Didactum`s early warning systems, companies and authorities can effectively protect themselves from a variety of physical and man-made risks. Protect mission-critical infrastructure, such as telecommunication, server room, data center, production or logistics.

Our Products

Didactum Ltd. offers a complete range of SNMP-enabled remote monitoring systems. Starting with a 24x7 monitoring of small and medium-sized infrastructures, up to the holistic monitoring of large data centers. All our remote monitoring appliances work stand-alone. By using networked sensors, these measuring and alarm systems can detect critical state changes and catastrophic events at an early stage.

IP-based sensors are used for environmental monitoring, security monitoring and power monitoring. The integrated logics of Didactum`s network monitoring devices support a variety of notifications, alerts and automatic actions without compromise. Even the entry monitoring system is fully SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 (encrypted) compatible.

This allows a complete integration of Didactum`s networked monitoring devices into SNMP based monitoring software, network and building management systems. MIB files and plugins for Nagios and Nagios forks are included with every networked remote monitoring device.

About Didactum

    • Didactum is a manufacturer of network-based remote monitoring devices
    • We offer SNMP enabled solutions for remote environmental, power and security monitoring
    • Our remote monitoring solutions are used across all industries.
    • Protect your mission critical infrastructure and important assets with Didactum`s networked early warning systems
    • Didactum`s remote security monitoring systems are used in telecommunications, automotive and power industries
    • We offer complete monitoring solutions for data centers and server rooms for enterprises and authorities.
    • Our company headquarter and engineering department are in Germany. Didactum produce within the EU.