Didactum Monitoring System 50

The 50 model is a complete monitoring system for small rooms and infrastructures. Like all remote monitoring systems from Didactum, this appliance also works stand-alone. Up to two IP-capable sensors can be connected to the 50 monitoring system via Plug`n`Play. A long-term calibrated temperature sensor is part of the scope of delivery.

This sensor can be extended by use of RJ11 cable up to 100 meters away from the main unit.As the main unit is fully SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 compatible, so SNMP traps and SNMP polling are supported. You can query the current temperature in the server room via TCP / IP network or web.

The measured temperature data is stored in the integrated data logger of the Didactum measuring device and can be graphically displayed in your web browser.
The temperature recording can be exported directly from the web thermometer by a simple mouse click and processed further with Microsoft Excel or Cacti. Didactum`s entry monitoring unit offers the possibility to connect a second SNMP-enabled intelligent sensor. In the context of environmental monitoring of mission critical infrastructure, Didactum offers humidity sensors, smoke detectors, magnetic contacts, motion dectors, voltage sensors, and also water sensors for the reliable detection of leakage.

Two inputs for dry contacts enable the IP connection of building systems. For example, diesel generators or fire detection systems can be integrated into the 24x7 remote monitoring. The configuration of dry contact inputs is made via the easy-to-use, multi-language webGUI. A relay output allows the connection of a siren or the forwarding of alerts to the alarm systems or building management systems.

In addition to temperature recording, the networked monitoring system 50 also provides important notification functions such as e-mail alarms or SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).MIB files and Nagios plugins are part of the scope of delivery, so that an integration of the temperature monitoring of the computer or server room into SNMP tools or network management systems (NMS) is supported.

Didactum Monitoring System 100 III

The fully SNMP enabled Didactum Monitoring System 100 III has been specially developed for the non-stop monitoring of medium size infrastructure. Typical applications of this remote infrastructure monitoring devices are:

  • Monitoring of Air conditioning and heating systems
  • UPS monitoring
  • Rack Monitoring / cabinet monitoring
  • Power monitoring
  • Remote security monitoring

This networked monitoring device has a built-in web server with easy-to-use multilingual WebGUI. A precise networked enabled temperature sensor is already included, so you get a web thermometer with support of e-Mail, SMS (via optional GSM modem) and SNMP. By use of optional sensor expansion units, you can monitor up to 32 networked sensors. The manufacturer Didactum offers a comprehensive range of networked sensors such as temperature, humidity, voltage, leakage, smoke, airflow, and access control sensors.

The 100 III remote monitoring device even supports I/O monitoring of dry contacts. Up to 4 dry contacts can be attached. In case of Dry Contact Monitoring you will get notifications and alerts such as SNMP Traps, e-Mail or SMS (via GSM Modem).